Full Capacity

Due to unprecedented demand, we are at capacity for the 2024 season. We opened to our waitlist on March 1 and over 40 new families who have been patiently waiting took their opportunity to be a part of the best swim club in west county.

Our capacity is set by the board at 450 active families. A number of things go into this figure. There are physical constraints that factor in to how much our members enjoy their membership. Parking, seating space, bathrooms, etc. The board is exploring ways to efficiently accept more families, but for 2024 season (as it has been for many years), 450 is out limit.

If you missed it, we placed you on the waiting list. In the event that we have someone cancel their 2024 membership before the season begins, we will hold a lottery-style selection and offer that membership to one of you. If you wish to be removed from the waiting list, contact membership@cooldell.com with your request.