Cool Dell Club has 2 types of memberships

Unlimited Memberships – There are 400 total Unlimited Memberships authorized. Owners of these Unlimited Memberships are perpetual members of the club, however members must pay an activity fee every year (commonly called “membership dues”) to have access to the facility and be considered active members. Unlimited Memberships are guaranteed to have yearly activity rights available to them, provided they pay the yearly membership dues before the cutoff. Unlimited Memberships are purchased only once and never expire provided they are owned by the same individual. They can be sold or transferred, but the transfer of an Unlimited Membership must be approved by the board and recoded by the Membership Chair to be recognized as an official Unlimited Membership.

Yearly Memberships – The board sets the total membership for the pool every year. We allow families who are not Unlimited Members to to join, up to the board-determined total members. For example, if the board established 400 total members and 100 of the Unlimited Members paid their yearly membership dues, the board would allow up to 300 Yearly Memberships for that year. The number of Yearly Memberships vary from year to year, depending on the number of Unlimited Members that join and the total number of active members approved by the board for the season. Yearly Memberships expire at the end of the current year and must be renewed every year. .

Membership Dues and Inactivity Fees

Membership Dues – The membership dues are set by the board every year. As of January 1, 2024, the standard membership dues are

  • $475/yr for Unlimited Membership holders
  • $575/yr for Yearly Memberships

All members must pay either pay annual dues or an inactivity fee. Only those who pay the yearly dues will be considered active members, which gives them rights to use the facility (pool, tennis, social activities) and to serve in any capacity for the club (employee, board member, etc).

Inactivity Fees – Beginning in 2021, Cool Dell will begin to levy Inactivity Fees for Unlimited Members who are not active members. This is to help ensure that all members of the club are helping to cover the fixed operating costs to run the club.