What’s the guest policy?

Active members are permitted to bring up to 5 guests per day. For more than 5 guests, we ask that you instead reserve a pool party (see below).

An adult member must be present at all times.

Guests are $10 per person.

The pool manager has the right to refuse entry to any guest.

The sponsoring member is responsible for their guests at all times, including informing their guests of the rules and regulations of Cool Dell. Click here to review rules and regulations.

Are grandparents/grandkids considered “guests”?

Cool Dell is and always has been a family club. Grandparents and grandchildren are always welcome for free, as long as an adult member is present.

What is a “nanny pass”?

All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an ADULT MEMBER at all times. A “nanny pass” will add an additional adult non-family member to your membership, who can act on your authority to supervise your children. As the member, you are responsible for assuring that the nanny is aware of the pool’s rules and regulations. Click here to review rules and regulations.

Can I rent the pool for a party?

We offer a number of options for pool parties. Please see our “pool party” section on the website or contact us with any special requests.

Is there lap swimming available?

When the pool is not crowded, the manager or head guard will put in a lane line upon your request. Please be understanding of other patrons.

In the past, the club has hosted early morning lap swimming for adults. Due to insurance costs, we no longer offer this.

Why can’t I park at the bottom of the hill if a space is open?

The parking spots at the bottom of the hill are reserved for the members who own them for the season. Each year as a fund-raiser, the parking spots are auctioned off to the highest bidder for the following season. That hill is daunting at the end of a long afternoon, so you can imagine that the spots fetch a hefty price. It is not permitted to park in these spots, even for a quick “drop off” or “pick-up”. Inevitably, those little chores take longer than you expect and the owner of the spot you are in will show up. Please be respectful of the members who paid quite a bit for those spots and DO NOT USE THEM WITHOUT PERMISSION. This includes swim/dive meets.

There are 2 handicap parking spots down the hill that can be used by individuals with a handicap placard on a first come / first serve basis.

What’s the difference between an A Member, a B Member, and a C Member?

A Members – An Unlimited Member who pays the yearly membership dues is what we call an “A Member”. So, to be an A member, you must own or buy one of the Unlimited Memberships and then pay the yearly membership dues. “A Members” are the only members with voting rights.

C Members – An Unlimited Member who does not pay the yearly membership dues is what we call a “C Member”. These members own an Unlimited Membership, so they are members of the club, but they do not have privileges to use the facility because they have not paid the yearly dues. Instead, C Members are issued an inactivity fee, to cover their portion of the fixed expenses the club encounters which have no bearing on activity in the club (such as property taxes and basic insurance).

B Members – A yearly/seasonal member is what we call a “B Member”. These are active members who do not own an Unlimited Membership. B Members have activity privileges in the club, but do not have a vote in club proceedings and their membership is not guaranteed from year to year.

Why buy an Unlimited Membership

The best reason to buy and Unlimited Membership is to have a voice in the club. A Members are the only members with a vote. Another reason is to save money. If you plan to be a member of Cool Dell for, say, 3 years, you would save $300 at today’s membership rates by buying a Unlimited Membership. When the day comes that you no longer wish to be a member of Cool Dell, you can sell your membership to another member. The proceeds of the sale (less processing fees) are paid to you.

Is an Unlimited Membership the same as Stock?

Cool Dell Club is a not-for-profit corporation that is run for the benefit of its members. There is not technically any “stock” for Cool Dell. Once upon a time, Cool Dell was owned by a company that owned and developed land, including (we believe) Cool Dell Court. That company had stock, but it converted to a not-for-profit corporation to operate Cool Dell, all stock was cancelled and extinguished in the early 1960s. However, the term “stock” was still used for years and some members still refer to their Unlimited Memberships as “stock” today. There are exactly 400 Unlimited Memberships authorized by the club’s bylaws and owners of those Unlimited Memberships have certain benefits within the club (such as preferential treatment with respect to activity fees, ability to serve on the board, voting rights within the club, etc)

I’m a C member. What happens if I don’t pay the inactivity fee?

There will be a grace period of 1 year for you to sell your Unlimited Membership to someone. If you would like, the Membership Chair will help you find potential buyers. If you do not pay your inactivity fee for 2 consecutive years, your Unlimited Membership be terminated and you will be no longer be a member of the club. All inactivity fees must be paid in full before a Unlimited Membership is sold or transferred by the member.

What if I want to hold my Unlimited Membership as an investment?

It is true that, if the club were to be dissolved, the assets would be divided among the 400 then-going A and C Members (if any money was left after all debts, lawyer fees, property and title fees, and other expenses are paid and the club pays taxes on any gain). However, the club is operated for the benefit of our members so they can enjoy the pool and other members. It is not intended to be a profitable business or as an investment, and the board intends to operate the club in this fashion far into the future. That being said, C Members are welcome to pay the inactivity fee and retain their Unlimited Memberships as long as they wish.

I’m a B member, and I want to buy a Unlimited Membership

See our online store to look for Unlimited Memberships for sale and become. Contact the membership chair (membership@cooldell.com) and we will help you find a Unlimited Membership for sale.