Cool Dell has established these standards for your family and guest’s safety.

Members are responsible for their guests and children knowing and adhering to these standards. The club manager and staff are authorized to enforce these safety regulations and are required to report any violations to the Board of Directors for action. By accepting your membership you are accepting these standards thus making it a safer more enjoyable club for everyone.


  • The lifeguards are responsible for maintaining a safe environment to ensure all members and guests have an enjoyable time. Lifeguards have the authority to enforce the pool rules and supervise general conduct of pool users. Any person who refuses to follow the direction of the lifeguards will be reported to management and the Board of Directors for appropriate action.
  • All members and guests must sign-in at the front desk prior to entry into the pool area. Photo verification (photo on file or valid photo ID) is required for adult members.
  • County Health ordinance require that all swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  • To meet the needs of those members wishing to exercise, the lap lane is for swimmers only. Please let children know to stay out of the lap lane while jumping into the pool. Also refrain from crossing over from the dive tank into the regular pool when lap swimmers are in the water.


  • Children ages five (5) and under may only enter the main pool with an adult.
  • Children under the age of fourteen (14) may not be left unattended at the pool.
  • Children under the age of fourteen (14) must be supervised by an adult.
  • Members leaving underage children alone will be reported to the Board of Directors for appropriate action.


  • Parents must stay with their children in the baby pool.
  • Lifeguards are not in the baby pool area.
  • A child twelve (12) years or older may baby-sit a child in the baby pool if a parent is present at either the baby pool or the main pool area.
  • For health reasons, babies will not be permitted in any pool without a proper swim diaper. Proper swim diapers are available (for a small fee) at the front desk.
  • Koala Baby Changing Stations are located in each bathroom. A proper receptacle for disposing of soiled diapers is located near the changing stations.
  • No child over the age of six (6) is allowed in the baby pool, unless they are baby- sitting a child in that area.
  • Diving, twisting jumps and flips are not allowed in the baby pool.


  • The training pool is for children too big for the baby pool and not ready for the main pool.
  • To maintain an unobstructed view for the lifeguards and staff, adults are not allowed in the training pool, if they are not helping children in the training pool. Adults are not allowed to sit on the edge of the training pool because of obstructing the lifeguard’s views of the training area.
  • Children who need flotation assistance should use the baby pool. Rafts are not allowed in the training pool.
  • Diving, twisting jumps and flips are not allowed in the training pool.
  • Steps in the training pool can be used by everyone to enter and exit the main pool.


  • Children five (5) years of age or older may use the large slide once they have passed the swim/dive test in the deep end. See a lifeguard to have your child take the test. MEMBERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR GUESTS TO ENSURE THE GUEST’S CHILDREN TAKE THE TEST PRIOR TO USING THE LARGE SLIDE AND DIVING BOARDS.
  • Those using the large slide and diving boards must be able to swim two widths of the diving pool to use that area.
  • When using the large slide, persons must wait on the landing before going up the final set of stairs into the slide.
  • Before sliding, make sure the entry point is clear and the previous person is exiting at the ladder.
  • The diving board closest to the slide will be closed when the slide is in use. The slide will be closed when the diving board closest to it is in use.
  • All dives must be straight off the end of the board.
  • Goggles and masks are prohibited on the slides or diving boards.
  • To minimize the chance of injury from falling off the steps, children must be able to safely and independently climb the stairs before using the small slide (parents/ guardians are not allowed to carry children up the steps).


  • The pool manager and/or lifeguards may close the pool due to threatening weather. If you have questions about the weather, please call the pool. When threatening weather has passed; the pool will re-open for the remainder of the regularly scheduled hours.


  • Parking is allowed only in designated parking spaces.
  • Parking is not allowed on the street directly across from our driveway.
  • The lower parking area is for club personnel, emergency vehicles and other vehicles designated by management.


  • An adult member must accompany a guest at all times.
  • A member can bring up to five (5) guests per day.
  • Any member must have approval from management to bring more than five (5) guests in one day.
  • There is a maximum of twenty (20) guests per membership family per month.
  • Nanny fees are available for the season rate of $50. Otherwise, babysitters pay the normal guest fee.
  • Guests fees: $10.00 per person, children under two (2) are free; grandparents of member families are free. Nanny passes are available.


  • Please see party policy posted on the web at
  • Parties are allowed with prior management approval to ensure proper staffing.
  • To ensure there is adequate space, parties may be limited to three (3) at one time.
  • Tables and chairs are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Parties will not be scheduled during club-sponsored events (pig roast, teen parties, etc.)


  • For the safety of our members, staff and guests, GLASS CONTAINERS OF ANY KIND ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED ANYWHERE IN THE FACILITY (i.e. jars, bowls, plates, drinking glasses, salsa jars, etc). Any item that is regularly packaged in glass (wine bottle, beer bottle) must be transferred to a non-breakable, plastic container prior to bringing it to the facility. Since glass is heavy and causes the plastic trash liners to break – which creates a hazardous situation to members, guests and staff – glass items cannot be disposed of at the pool. In the event, someone accidentally brings a glass container; please DO NOT THROW AWAY AT THE POOL. Package the container or bottle back in your cooler/bag and dispose of when you get home.
  • All food and beverages are to be consumed on the concession deck (area behind the railing) and wood deck, including the eastern wooden deck behind the railing. Exceptions to this are DRINKS allowed around the pool area. DRINKS OF ANY KIND ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE POOL, except for water in clear (non-breakable) plastic bottles.
  • To minimize the insects and pests, please do not leave leftovers on tables and please dispose of trash in numerous trash cans around the concession area.
  • Food is not allowed onto the lower decking around the pool. We are trying to limit the insects to the concession area.
  • We will allow food and drink in the baby pool area, however, we ask that you watch your children and clean up trash as quickly as possible to avoid insects in that area.


  • Players must sign in at the front desk before going onto the tennis courts.
  • Regular guest fees ($10) required for guests playing tennis/pickleball.
  • Shelter is for use by tennis/pickleball players and spectators only.
  • Non-tennis playing children are not allowed on courts.
  • Proper attire required (shirts required). (Black soled shoes are not allowed).
  • Wheels, roller skates, in-line skates, skateboards and bikes are not allowed on the courts.
  • Courts for scheduled matches, practices and clinics take precedent. Courts are available on first come, first serve basis. If there is a wait, please limit your play to accommodate the waiting players.