The club has 400 Unlimited Memberships. Unlimited Memberships must still pay membership dues each year to have access to the facility, but they have slightly lower membership dues than seasonal members ($100 discount). In addition, Unlimited Memberships have preferred treatment for membership, meaning Unlimited Members are admitted to the club before any seasonal members are admitted. Finally, Unlimited Members who are active in the club are the only voting members of the club.

A copy of the bylaws the govern the club can be found here.

Browse the Unlimited Memberships for sale below. All Unlimited Memberships are the same. The prices are set by the individual seller. To make an offer, click the “Buy” button below and fill out the form. Our membership chair will pass the offer to the seller and reply back within 7 days.

Please Note: All Unlimited Memberships must be approved by the board. There is a limit of 1 Unlimited Membership per household. Unlimited Memberships can be gifted. To do so, please purchase the Unlimited Membership here and then fill out a form to transfer the Unlimited Membership to another individual or family.

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  • Membership UM198-1993
  • Membership UM338-1982
  • Membership UM278-2002
  • Membership UM132-2021
  • Membership UM108-1987
  • Membership UM306-2005
  • Membership UM291-1988
  • Membership UM190-1992
  • Membership UM296-2002
  • Membership UM257-1990
  • Membership UM057-2020
  • Membership UM271-1999
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