A private swim club owned by its members

For over 60 years, St. Louis Premier Swim Club

A brief history of the club:
Cool Dell was founded in 1956 as C&D Realty Company by a group of Monsanto Chemical Company employees being led by Art Schlesinger. The “C” and “D” stood for “Carmen” and “Dietrich”, the two main roads that intersect near the property. A small pool opened in the summer of 1957. In 1960, a not-for-profit club was established that managed the pool. The club was named Cool Dell in homage to C&D Reality. Over the past 65 years, Cool Dell has established a rich tradition in the West County community for being a social club, a place to swim, hang out, soak in the sun, and for having the best swim and dive program for a club of our size anywhere in the area.

The club sits on approximately 27 acres of virtually undisturbed nature. The original pool was smaller and had a separate dive tank. Along the way, the 2 pools were connected and a baby pool was added. In the early 2000’s, the pool was lined with a vinyl liner to extend the life of the pool shell. in 2015, the deck surrounding the pool was nearly doubled in size to accommodate our 450 families who join year over year. Numerous other upgrades have taken place over the 60+ years, but Cool Dell has held on to the 50’s and 60’s roots. When you are on the pool deck, you can’t see another house and you can’t hear any cars. Just the birds chirping and the kids playing … the way summer is supposed to be.