We offer 2 kinds of swim lessons: Group Lessons and Private Lessons

Group Lessons: Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 4 – 27. We offer 4 sessions each day, each session is ~30 minutes long. Participants will learn safety, gain comfort in the water, and develop basic swimming skills. It is open to kids 4-12, but all participants must be out of a swim diaper. An Adult member is required to remain present for the lessons (no drop off). Open to members only (no guests). $80 per participant (billed to your account once lessons begin). To register, visit CoolDell.com/lessons

Private Lessons: Many of our lifeguards offer private swim lessons for a wide range of abilities. Whether your child is a beginner who needs to gain comfort just putting their face in the water, or an advanced swimmer who wants to learn how to do a flip-turn, our staff of instructors can help. Prices and schedule will vary. See the Pool Manager or Head Guard for more details.