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Cool Dell has a few membership types with different benefits. Review below and see which membership type suits your family

Unlimited Memberships

Cool Dell has 400 memberships deemed as "Unlimited Memberships". These are who have some additional benefits such as

    • Preferred membership (first admitted each season)
    • Reduced Membership Dues
    • Voting rights
    • Privileges to serve on the Board of Directors in certain capacity

These memberships are offered for sale by their current holders at various price points, which are determined by the sellers. It is important to note that all of these memberships are identical.

As an Unlimited Member, you must still pay yearly membership dues, but the yearly dues are less than those for Yearly Members ($400/yr for a family). If you intend to be a member of Cool Dell for multiple years, it is usually beneficial to become an Unlimited Member.

To browse the Unlimited Memberships that are for sale, please see our Membership Marketplace

Yearly Memberships

Cool Dell also offers yearly memberships. The board sets the maximum number of active members every year. Once all of the Unlimited Members have joined, the reminder of the members up to the board determined limit are filled by Yearly Members. 

Yearly Member pay slightly higher membership dues.

Additionally, Yearly Members have no voting rights and can only serve in the Board of Directors in limited roles.

Yearly Members are the last to be admitted every year. When yearly membership expire at the end of the year, they are all subject to the capacity limits established by the board and are not guaranteed to be able to renew for the following season.

If you intend to be a member of Cool Dell for multiple years, it is usually more advantageous to pursue an Unlimited Membership as opposed to a Yearly Membership

If you wish to be a Yearly Member, you can submit your membership application below

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