Cool Dell Swim and Tennis Club

Where the cool go to pool

The club has 400 Unlimited Memberships. Unlimited Memberships must still join the pool each year to have access to the facility, but they have slightly lower membership dues ($425/yr for a family). In addition, Unlimited Memberships have preferred treatment for membership, meaning if Unlimited Members are admitted to the club before any Yearly Members are admitted.

Browse the Unlimited Memberships for sale below. All Unlimited Memberships are the same. The prices are set by the individual seller. To purchase, click the Unlimited Membership and follow the process to purchase. 

Please Note: All Unlimited Memberships must be approved by the board. There is a limit of 1 Unlimited Membership per household. Unlimited Memberships can be gifted. To do so, please purchase the Unlimited Membership here and then use the Transfer process (click here) to gift the Unlimited Membership to another individual or family.

Unlimited Memberships for sale

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