414 Dietrich Road, Manchester, MO 63024
Phone: (636) 227-1929 • Email: president@cooldell.com
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About Us

poolCool Dell Swim & Tennis Club offers:

  • A relaxing family friendly atmosphere
  • Secluded grounds at convenient West St. Louis County location
  • Plenty of chairs, tables, umbrellas, and loungers for your comfort
  • Limited membership
  • Member owned
  • Social events for every generation
  • Organized swim, dive and tennis teams

Cool Dell Swim & Tennis Club is:

Cool Dell, in Manchester, MO, has been the premier private Swim and Tennis club in West St. Louis County for over 50 years. Why? We continue to improve by listening to our members! Would you like to become a member?

How to become a member of Cool Dell Swim & Tennis Club:

There are two ways you can become a part of the Cool Dell family. Join as an “A” member by purchasing a share of stock in Cool Dell and paying reduced yearly dues. Shares are purchased through current members looking to sell their shares. CLICK HERE to see our list of available certificates. Or you can become a “B” member. “B” members do not own a share of stock and pay higher yearly dues. Membership forms and details are available HERE or by calling us at 636-227-1929.

Board of Directors

President: Dan Kraus
Vice President, External: Tim Brown
Vice President, Internal: Michele Kloeppel
Treasurer: Joe Burris
Secretary: Michele Kloeppel
Membership Chairperson: Chris Alcott
Social Chairperson: Jessica Edwards
Swim Representative: Katie Shaffer
Tennis Representative: Lucian Biesidiecki
Web/Internet Chairperson: Chris Alcott
Sports Chair: Jason Naucke
Board Member – Membership: Marty Hogan
Board Member – Operations: Dan Ritter
Manager: Brian Kupferer