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If you would like to join us or even if you wouldn’t, we have Cardinal tickets remaining for the Wednesday, May 3rd game.  We will be on the roof at Ballpark Village. The game is at 7pm and is open to kids and adults and are $5 a piece. Mail your check made out to Cool Dell to:  Dan Kraus, 627 Amberwood Lane, Ballwin, MO  63021.  This is open to Cool Dell members and potential members so tell your friends and neighbors and lets sell out!
If you have not done so already, please send in your payment today!  We are trying to reach our goal of 450 families this year and you can help by paying today and then telling your friends and neighbors about Cool Dell tomorrow.  Membershop is up over 15% compared to same time last year so we are well on our way.  Thank you to all that have sent in money or paid by credit card or with paypal.

If you have received a PLEASE JOIN e-mail and you have already sent in money or paid through Paypal, we have received your money but have not updated all our files as we are moving to a different system this year for notificatons.  Rest assured though that you have a place with us!

Thanks to all that attended our 6th annual trivia night at Kirkwood Community Center.  We hope you had a great time if you joined us and if you didn’t, please make sure to join us next year.  We raised $9,990 for Cool Dell and our swim and dive teams.  Thank you for attending and for your generosity.

If you have not had a chance or maybe you are a new member this year, please search for Cool Dell on Facebook and like our page.  you can look at past weekly updates on our page and find other helpful information.  Or, please follow us on Twiter by searching Cool Dell Club.


Lifeguard recertification will take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 8-9 from 9am to 5pm.  Your child should already be signed up for this class.


Remember to mark your calendar for our clean up days coming up with the first one on April 29th at 8am.  If you are handy with kitchen remodeling, we could use you.  Or if you like cleaning up or cutting limbs, gardening or a whole list of other things, please join us.  If you can’t make that, please mark Saturday, May 13 down for the next clean up day.  We empty, clean and re-fill the tank on this clean up day and really could use all hands on deck.  8am to the pool begins filling.